Mission Innovation Challenge # 7 Workshop

This workshop is not part of SHC 2017.

Mission Innovation (MI) is a global initiative of 22 countries and the European Union with the main aim of significantly accelerating global innovation in clean energy.

The first workshop for Mission Innovation Challenge 7 (IC #7) – Heating and Cooling in Buildings - will be held in Abu Dhabi on the 1st and 2nd of November, 2017. The objective of IC #7 is to develop low carbon heating and cooling technologies that are affordable for everyone. The workshop will cover several priority areas in heating and cooling, which include thermal energy storage, heat pumps, non-atmospheric heat sinks and sources, predictive maintenance and optimization, building-level integration and physiological studies.

The aims of the workshop will be:

  1. to use the experts present to establish a development path for each priority area;
  2. to set measurable milestones to track progress along these development paths; and
  3. to promote increased international research collaboration to advance the development of affordable low carbon solutions for heating and cooling in buildings.

This workshop is by invitation only. For more information, please contact your country’s MI IC#7 representative, or Andy Kontoudakis at Andy.Kontoudakis@ec.europa.eu if you do not know your IC#7 country representative.

Important Dates

Due date TCA forms: August 15, 2017
Author registration deadline: August 15, 2017
Early bird deadline: September 5, 2017
Late registration fee: after October 27

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